Amway Nutrilite

Amway Nutrilite

One of the leading global brands of vitamin and mineral supplements needed to update their packaging and create a global masterbrand that could be easily translated to many languages and showed their brand message of a balance between science and nature in a modern way.

Having all these in mind, I created a powerful and informative concept while still maintaining the brand message. I took inspiration from the established brandmark and developed an iconic visual language that is half a graphic interpretation of science, and half a realistic and abstract approach for nature. The new icon reflects the main need state and benefit of each of the product lines. The Daily line has 7 bars representing the days of week. The Focused line utilizes contracting circles to show the main benefit, and vibe! line takes on a more bold tone of voice to target Millennials.

The resulting design elevates the brand from basic dietary supplements to a holistic lifestyle brand worthy to keep out on the counter.


Branding, Packaging, UI/UX Design